Constellation Software Inc. is an international conglomerate that acquires, builds and manages market-leading, mission-critical enterprise software solution businesses that serve niche verticals in mature markets. With more than 125,000 private-sector and public-sector customers operating in over 100 countries, and annual revenues in excess of $2.53 Billion globally (2015), our track record of growth and results culminated in Bloomberg magazine acknowledging the company as the 3rd best performing Canadian stock over the five-year period ending Q1 2013.

As a subsidiary of CSI, Contour Software serves as a dedicated Resource Centre, currently housing employees and teams for as many as 50 Divisional and Corporate departments. Contour employees are key players in implementing, supporting, extending, enhancing, and renewing enterprise systems that run thousands of medium and large businesses, as well as public institutions, globally!

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About Us

Contour Software, is registered with the SECP and PSEB since its beginnings in 2010.

While groundwork for its inception started as early as 2008, with pilot projects performed over an 18 month period in order to prove the concept, Constellation’s acquisition of Gladstone PLC (now Gladstone MRM) culminated in the launch of Contour.

While Gladstone had had a small team in Karachi since 2007, Contour’s birth resulted in a tenfold increase in size, over a first three year period. Today, as many as 50 Constellation departments have teams located at the Contour offices in Karachi & Lahore

We continue to seek out bright and experienced talent, to fuel our organic growth initiatives as well as our inorganic growth maintenance requirements.

Constellation Software Inc. was formed in 1995, and became publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2006. Constellation is a rapidly growing conglomerate of vertical market software (VMS) companies; each focused upon dominating its respective market niche. Constellation’s growth is based on a simple strategy: identify promising VMS firms; acquire them; and then integrate them into the Constellation family while building on their fundamental strengths to help them become world class organizations.

Software for Life!

Our Mission

The Contour Philosophy can be summarized by the 4 R’s – Recruitment, Resources, Retention & Results.

Our mission is to serve the needs of the divisions that employ us.

Our values emanate from those of Constellation, with an emphasis on innovation, dedication, perseverance and professionalism, and our ultimate focus is to help deliver on CSI’s key promise – Software for Life.