New Joiners Treat

Work Hard, Party Harder!

Contour CSP Karachi started a trend of organizing new joiners treat – the frosty, sweet ice cream party as a fun gathering when a new employee joins in summer and CSP Lahore introduced hot and sour, tasty soup party when a new employee joins in winter.



Fruit Festival

Annual Mango Fest became an inter-city competition in the year 2014, beamed live via web conference, with Karachi and Lahore employees battling it out for the annual bragging rights, competing in eating and chugging contests. Watermelon is a sweet, tasty, summertime fruit and so, the Lahorians chose to bring the watermelon theme being first summer…


The Contour Cricket League – CCL

While the annual inter-company hard-ball cricket season allows a smaller group of employees to pit themselves against other company teams, the Contour Cricket League sees the entire office split into four teams, to compete in an annual tape-ball tournament. The competition is fierce, and each year the crowd involvement gets more and more entertaining!.  …

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Contour Cup

The Contour Cup initially started as a face-off between the two operating groups that first started Contour off. Thus, the first two years this event generated the most fervent of passions, and was keenly followed even by division-side managers of Contour employees. As Contour has evolved so has the Contour Cup, to include all operating…


Mango Party

One of the very first traditions to start at Contour, is the annual Mango party. This annual festival celebrates some of the best variants of a fruit that is never sweeter than when it is grown in Pakistan. It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of the king of fruits “MANGO” with fun-filled…